Scotland fold following Warren Gatland press conference jab

Change of heart.

The Principality Stadium roof will now be closed when Wales and Scotland do battle in Round One of the Six Nations championship this weekend.

The roof was slated to be opened at Scotland’s request, with Warren Gatland having a jab at his opponents over their decision. The Wales boss is an advocate of having it closed to generate a better atmosphere.

Scotland head coach Gregor Townsend seemed to suggest that having that better atmosphere would benefit the home side, hence Scotland’s initial request.

“I looked at the forecast and it looked quite nice. I would much prefer playing with the roof open if we can,” Townsend said after announcing his team.

“It is noisier when the roof is closed, that’s why they (Wales) are disappointed. They don’t get that (advantage).”

But the Scots have now folded and the roof will be closed, no doubt to the pleasure of Warren Gatland who criticised Scotland’s initial request.

“We always want the roof closed,” Gatland said on Thursday.

“I have been consistent in terms of that. I just think it creates an unbelievable atmosphere.

“The thing about the roof is that both teams have to agree. I look at it and say ‘well, it’s our stadium, we should be able to say whether it is open or closed’.”

“The roof’s going to be open, Scotland want the roof open which I think is a little bit disappointing from an atmosphere point of view, because when that roof is shut it does tend to create a lot more atmosphere and noise in the stadium. But that’s the decision that they made.”

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