Samoan Rugby Boss Says England & Other Nations Take Advantage Of Them

“Samoa, Fiji and Tonga provide the entertainment.”

Samoan Rugby Union boss Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi says smaller nations like Samoa are simply used as ‘entertainment’ by countries like England, and says it’s time they started sharing some of the gate receipts.

England’s Rugby Football Union confirmed last week it will make a goodwill payment of around £80,000 to the Samoan Rugby Union ahead of their clash, which for many is simply not enough, and simply the bare minimum.

The RFU is expected to generate around 1£0 million when England host Samoa at Twickenham next weekend but, under World Rugby rules, they are under no obligation to share gate receipts with visiting test sides.

In an interview with government newspaper Savali, Malielegaoi, who is also Samoa’s Prime Minister said:

“When we tour England and play against their teams, the stadiums are at full capacity earning millions of pounds for the host Union and Manu Samoa gets hardly anything in return,”
“Why? The gate sharing since the amateur days is still current where the host Union takes all. Smaller Unions like Manu Samoa, Tonga and Fiji are expected to play up to their standards to fatten their bank accounts at our expense.
“This is like being back again in the Roman Coliseum days where the entertainers are fed to the lions. Samoa, Fiji and Tonga provide the entertainment.
“If the gate sharing is not changed, the poorer unions cannot afford to continue on playing under these circumstances.”

Do you think it’s time nations like England started sharing gate receipts?

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