Sam Warburton On What Led To Kyle Sinckler’s Arrest In Auckland

Lions Sam Warburton has defended Kyle Sinckler after the prop was arrested in Auckland.

The Harlequins tighthead made headline news after being arrested in Auckland following the third Test with the All Blacks in Eden Park.

The skipper says Sinckler did absolutely nothing wrong and that the whole thing was a misunderstanding. Warburton says Sinckler was released straight away and that the whole thing looked a lot worse than it is.

“In defence of Kyle, he did absolutely nothing wrong. I feel a bit sorry for him, he’s got a bit of press like that, but actually, the situation was handled pretty well and Kyle is absolutely fine,” Warburton told Sky Sports.
“It looks worse than it is. He was released straight away because they realised straight away there were no problems.”
“The Lions went to great lengths to look after the boys on nights out, we had a security team involved. Guys are going to be out there looking to make headlines.
“We had a good couple of days together to finish off the tour. We’d been under the microscope for six to eight weeks so it was nice to have a few days to enjoy each other’s company and reflect on what we’d done.

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