RWC: Tonga Visit Nando’s 10 Days In A Row

Tonga can credit their first World cup 2015 victory to their stable diet of Nando’s.

Apparently the Tongan LADS visited the same Nando’s restaurant 10 days in a row and some players went more than once a day.

Last visit from the Tonga Team before their match tomorrow! They visited everyday for the past 10 days, and feel like part of our family now!!! Good luck boys!!!! 😀 (Nando’s staff member)

Their eating prowess follows reports last week that Canada were eating World Cup organisers out of house and home.

The team’s kitchen staff needed a supermarket scramble for steaks after the squad consumed 22lbs of roast beef in 15 minutes.

The players need more than 5000 calories a day, with an allowance of bacon, pancakes, maple syrup, blueberries, strawberries and yoghurt on match days.

They also carry their own supply of hot sauce.

Source: NZ Herald

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