Rugby Statistics Website Predicts Champions Cup Finalists


We’re pretty sure Irish fans will take this.

Designed by a MIT economist, Rugby Vision is a suite of statistical models that predicts outcomes for major rugby competitions. For each game, Rugby Vision calculates the expected score margin and the probability of each team winning.

Rugby Vision also calculates the probability of each team obtaining various milestones in a tournament. It’s success rate is pretty good, with the site boasting an impressive 78.3% success rate in the Champions Cup so far this year, predicting 47 out of 60 results.


Now that the quarter finalists are in place, Rugby Vision has done the maths and come up with the two teams most likely to reach the final and it makes for excellent reading for Irish fans. According to Rugby Vision, Munster and Leinster will meet in the final.

Munster apparently have a 50.6% chance of reaching the final, while Leinster have a 40.1% chance. The winner? Munster apparently with 27.4%. Let’s hope they’re right, an All-Ireland final would be epic!


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