Rugby Players Weigh In On Controversial “Waist Height Tackle” Trial


World Rugby yesterday revealed they have approved a number of new laws for trialling purposes in the coming months – with one in particular causing quite a bit of controversy.

The tackle area has long been an area for discussion, with World Rugby clamping down very hard in recent years to eliminate high tackles from the game. And to be fair – it has worked, and it’s been rightly welcomed.

But their latest proposal around the tackle area is a step too far for many, with a closed trial approved to reduce the tackle height to the waist. World Rugby says that by forcing players to tackle lower, they may be able to “reduce the risk of head injuries to both the tackler and tackled player.”

A number of current and ex-pros have weighed in on this trial – and it’s safe to say they don’t see it working. Recently retired former Ulster and Ireland centre Darren Cave has been very vocal online, revealing he’s been hurt just as much by tackling players low.

Ireland international Stuart McCloskey has branded it a “terrible idea”, while World Cup winner Stephen Thompson and Wales international Scott Baldwin have also come out against the trial.

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