Rugby Player In New Zealand Plays With ‘Smashed Testicle’


Rugby players have be known to play on with some pretty brutal injuries. We’ve seen guys get fingers and shoulders popped back in, and horrific gashes bandaged up and covered with vaseline so they could play on.

But Jona Nareki has taken things to an entirely new level after he was reintroduced to a game in New Zealand despite having a ‘smashed testicle.’

With his Otago side taking on Waikato, Nareki was taken off with around 20 minutes to go because of the brutal injury. But with just minutes left, teammate Mitchell Scott went off injured, forcing him to come back on and help him team hold out for a 23-19 victory


“It was just a direct blow on the bulls-eye,” Otago coach Ben Herring told Newshub.

“I don’t know who it was and he probably doesn’t either.”

“He came off, but when there were injuries in the game, he had to come back on with his smashed testicle, which was operated on.”

“If you know Jona, he’s a particularly buoyant fella, but the comment was, ‘don’t worry mate, it’s just a small operation’.”

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