Rugby Fan Poos On The Table In A Pub Following Six Nations Match

Ah lads.

A landlady has been left horrified after a drunken rugby fan pooed on a table in her pub following Wale’s win over Scotland in the Six Nations this past weekend.

Nicola Morris, owner of the Dog and Piano pub in Carmarthen town, told WalesOnline that the man responsible and his friends were now banned for life after the “pathetic and disgusting behaviour”.

“There was a group of around 12-15 men who had come in after the rugby,” said Nicola Morris, owner of the Dog and Piano.

“I was walking around the pub when a member of staff came over and alerted me to what had happened.

“Someone had defecated on the table at the front of the pub.

“Another one of the group had then got an empty pint glass and stuck it in the ‘mess’.”

The culprit was celebrating Wales’ win over Scotland.

Some of the group left the pub immediately, no doubt embarassed by their absolute eejit of a friend. But some actually stayed to watch while horrified staff members were left to clean up.

“When I asked them to leave, one of them laughed in my face.” Mrs Morris added

“It’s pretty horrific,”

“There’s nothing worse you could put on a table.

“Nothing like this has ever happened before – working in a pub, you have to clean things up in the toilet from time to time, but not this. My dog is better behaved.”

No doubt realising what he had done was completely out of order, the culprit posted a letter on Monday morning, blaming his actions on “too much alcohol”.

He also offered to work at the pub or make a donation to a charity of the pub’s choice. But Mrs Morris has said refused to accept his apology, and he and his friends remain barred.

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