Rugby Europe Makes Six Nations Demand

Rugby Europe wants to the Six Nations to be open for other nations.

The governing body for 48 rugby nations wants to open dialogue with Six Nations chiefs about possible ways to bring more teams into the premier tournament.

They feel that rugby cannot be limited to just six countries in Europe.

“It is not about punishing a specific team because of its results in the Tournament. We don’t want to compromise what has been achieved until now, but opening a dialogue seems to us crucial for the benefit of all. On a sports point of view considering the development and future of our sport; for economic consideration as Europe cannot be limited to 6 countries; and finally, politically, because we are a continent whose official governing body is Rugby Europe.
We are open to consider all alternatives, either a direct relegation, the insertion of an annual or every two-year play-pff system; the integration of one or two teams of the setup of a real European competition, etc… We are aware this process will require time to build a common project and achieve it; but we need to start a real collaboration in the interests of European rugby growth.”

What do you think?

Owain Jones, Rugby World

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