Ross Moriarty’s Claims About Johnny Sexton Are ‘Bollox’ Says Ireland International

Pull the other one.

Ireland and Leinster prop has branded Ross Moriarty’s comments about Johnny Sexton getting special treatment as ‘bollox’ in an interview with The Rugby Pod this week.

Dragons flanker Ross Moriarty reckons Johnny Sexton gets ‘special treatment’ and that he was a victim of the Leinster playmaker’s ‘big-name status’ when he was controversially shown a yellow card in the PRO14 a few weeks back.

Moriarty also suggested rugby is ‘going soft’ and that s Sexton is given more protection than others by officials

“Some may say it was harsh, some may say it was fair, but if Johnny did that against me in that game I know for a fact he would not have had anything happen to him.” Moriarty told BBC Scrum V.

“It’s nice to see little players running around making a fool of big players but when a big player gets hold of a smaller one there’s always a big scene.

“Most players will have had something happen to them if they hit Johnny Sexton off the ball because obviously he has a big pull in the game these days which is quite sad.

Former Ireland captain Brian O’Driscoll accused Moriarty of taking a leaf out fo Warren Gatland’s book by throwing a ‘hand grenade’, and now current teammate Jack McGrath has branded the Welsh international’s comments as “bollox.”

“Sexto(n) is one of the bravest fellas you will ever meet. He puts his body on the line week in, week out. That is why he is our captain, that is why he is the guy we turn to. To say that he is protected, I think that is bollox, to be honest. He goes hard every week, he is no holds barred every week. Training, games, he plays hard. Lads follow in behind him. I do not think that is a true statement.

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