Ronan O’Gara On The Three Big Things He’ll Be Taking From The Six Nations To New Zealand

Down south.

Ronan O’Gara said his goodbyes on Sunday, finishing up his punditry role with Virgin Media as he heads back to New Zealand for the new Super Rugby season with the Crusaders.

The former Munster and Ireland outhalf has once again been the best part about the broadcasters coverage with his excellent analysis and fascinating responses. His wonderful insight into French rugby has been particularly interesting.

But will O’Gara take anything with him from the Six Nations back down south? He will of course. In fact he’ll be taking three.

“The three big things are what ye [Shane Horgan & Matt Williams] did your analysis on.” O’Gara said.

“What does it look like on the pitch – that knockout zone? Kind of combining your forwards plans with your backs plans to make it an all out team attack near the line. I have some nice ideas that I hope we get to explore on the pitch.”

“The second thing is what I’ve seen, and it’s been reconfirmed in the first two weeks of the Six Nations, just how important a quality restart is.”

“How it impacts on exiting easily or difficultly.”

“And the third one is those attacking kicks [from England]. I didn’t expect it to be happening as fast. But it’ll be interesting to see how may England did [in the France game].”

You can watch O’Gara chatting to the lads below.

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