Ronan O’Gara Reveals What Makes Dan Carter So Good


We wrote an article earlier about Gordon D’Arcy’s pleas for a bonus-point system to be introduced in the Six Nations.

D’Arcy was writing in his Irish Times column and revealed that he was recently speaking to Ronan O’Gara in regard to Dan Carter and what makes him the best in the world at what he does.

I was talking to Ronan O’Gara about working with Dan Carter at Racing 92. Rog says Carter doesn’t do stress on the pitch. He gets up to peak performance and just exists in that mode. Always.

By remaining in that realm of calm he always has time in possession to play what’s unfolding in front of him. This does require a high level of rugby intellect and vision.

But one individual being able to identify space is not much use on a rugby field. New Zealand, forever the benchmark, nearly always have 15 players who instinctively make the correct decision under pressure.That’s because they have being doing so since infancy.

There you have it. To be the best, you have to wake up the best every day. Sounds easy right?

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