Ronan O’Gara Reveals His Coaching Plans After The Crusaders

New challenge.

Ronan O’Gara is set to take up a hugely exciting role with Super Rugby franchise the Crusaders in the new year, after being granted an early release from French side Racing 92.

O’Gara has been with the Parisian side since 2013 and has become a hugely popular figure within the former Top 14 champions. He began as a kicking coach, and has worked his way up to the club’s defence coach position.

The move to the Crusaders is an opportunity he could not resist, but having only signed a one-year deal with the New Zealand side, what does the future hold for O’Gara. Will he finally land back at Munster? Not quite yet.

O’Gara says he plans on returning to France once his contract is up with the Crusaders as things stand. If his first season with them goes well however, well he’s not ready to cross that bridge quite yet.

“That’s why the agreement is for one Super Rugby season, and then both parties will review how things have gone. But this won’t work without Jessica and the kids with me. It’s the other side of the world and as important as my rugby career is to me at this stage, my family is my family.” O’Gara wrote in his Irish Examiner column.

“It is a huge upheaval, and we are still firming up a plan that makes all this as workable as possible for the family. This is the human side in all this.”

“We have already agreed that if and when I am done in New Zealand, it will be back to Paris we move.”

“I will hopefully have a little time out at that stage and we want the kids to do another year in school in France to nail the language.”

“I know what you are thinking reading this: what if the first season goes well with the Crusaders? That’s a bridge I am not ready to cross yet.”

The writing is on the wall for the Munster legend to return to his former province at some stage. But we may have to wait even longer that we initially hoped.

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