Ronan O’Gara Recalls His Magical Drop Goal Against Northampton In 2011


Munster & Ireland legend, Ronan O’Gara pulled off some magical drop-goals in his glittering career.

His winner against Wales in 2009, with the Grand Slam on the line was probably the most important, but for many fans the one that will always stick out was his drop goal against Northampton in 2011.

Speaking at the Huddle Dublin event at the Aviva Stadium, today, O’Gara re-lived that magical kick.

“The true story of that is you don’t really know where it is going. If you look at that, we were making it up. I don’t think you can structure 40 phases.

“If you look at it, it was about keeping ball. Experience is – and I keep going back to it – the ability to learn from past experiences. For me, in that situation, it was a case of… you probably have three or four opportunities to get the ball [for a kick] but you know they’re not right.

“You’ve got to wait and hopefully back your teammates to hold onto the ball. We were making it up, changing direction and going over and back. The most important thing is that you control the ball.

“That was just being part of a team that had massive trust in each other. These are words but they mean nothing unless you taste it with your teammates. You can talk all day about these things but the proof is about when you go out onto the pitch. You back it up with actions.”

Check it out in all it’s wonderful 41 phase glory below.

And let’s not forget the Cookie Munster…

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