Ronan O’Gara On His Coaching Plans Once He Leaves Racing 92

Ronan O’Gara has opened up about his coaching plans once his time with Racing 92 is up.

The former Munster playmaker has two years to run on his current deal with the French giants, but has revealed that a return to Ireland is not in his plans as many have predicted in recent months.

O’Gara will take up a temporary coaching role with the Irish national team this summer, but that is as close as you will get to seeing O’Gara back in Ireland for forseeable future with the Corkman set to continue his foreign adventure.

Writing in his column in today’s Irish Examiner, O’Gara claimed that he will explore options outside of Ireland when his time in Paris comes to an end.

There’s a fanciful narrative that I hear most times we’re at home in Cork that it’s only a matter of time before I return to a coaching job in Ireland. That every month spent in Paris is a month closer to coming home,” he wrote.
“It’s a nice theory, but it’s nowhere even close to being true. If anything, I feel my career as a coach abroad is just getting started.
“In two years’ time I may (or may not) be at the end of my time with Racing, but there will be another project somewhere before I would have any thoughts of coming back to Cork. Whether that be in France or somewhere else.
“I’d be amazed if the next play was back at home in Ireland. Much as I love Cork.”

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