Ronan O’Gara On A Key Aspect Of Ireland’s Game That Needs To Be Addressed


Ronan O’Gara reckons Ireland have perhaps forgotten how to deal with adversary after an incredible run of form in 2018 and need to learn how to deal with going behind early a lot better.

The former Munster and Ireland international says it’s “obvious” Ireland didn’t deal well with the fact that both England and Wales scored very early tries in their two Six Nations defeats and that it’s a real issue that needs to be addressed.

Speaking to Off The Ball, O’Gara says it’s a completely different mindset when you find yourself behind on the scoreboard early on.

“It’s a completely different mindset. What if England score in the first minute? What if Wales score, how are we going to deal with that?” O’Gara said

“It was very obvious that the Irish leaders at the weekend didn’t deal well with that, it became more of an issue in the fact that the body language wasn’t good amongst certain players and the temperament wasn’t good among certain players.”

“That’s something that has to be addressed because the pressure is only going to be ramped up now if you are looking at winning the World Cup.”

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