ROG: ‘There Comes A Stage When You Have To Get Angry’


Munster take on Stade Francais tomorrow in Thomond Park in a game that has less to do with rugby and more to do with character according to Ronan O’Gara.

I have to see anger this week. I have to. Otherwise what we know and love, what we have identified with, what Munster almost trademarked, is no more.

Powerful words from the Munster legend and he’s dead right. Fans are frustrated. It’s not just about losing, it’s the manner of the loss. As we’ve said before, Munster were not always a force to be reckoned with but they always showed true character, grit and determination.


O’Gara has however asked for the spectators to give Munster one final chance. He has called on the players to prove themselves, but he has also called on the supporters to give them another chance to make them believe again.

You’d be fearful about the return fixture, not for Munster, but for the attendance. Will it get to 10,000?

You can’t blame the people, either. You have to be loyal but it’s a big ask. Maybe folk might reflect this week this team has given them lots of pleasure too and say ‘no I’m going to stick with them now in the bad times too’.

One thing, though, for the players: If enough isn’t enough after last Saturday, the thing is doomed.

I would be confident there has to be a backlash.

There comes a stage in your career when you have to get angry, and if there isn’t anger at Thomond tomorrow on the pitch, there never will be with this group.

Tomorrow has less to do with rugby than it does with character.

In the words of Paul O’Connell, ‘they think they know us, they haven’t a clue’.

Time to stand up and fight.

Read Ronan O’Gara’s article in full here

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