ROG Reveals Unsuspecting Irish Teammate Almost Stole His Grand Slam Drop Goal Vs Wales

Imagine it.

Johnny Sexton may have set Ireland on their way to a Grand Slam in Paris last year with a miraculous drop goal, but Ronan O’Gara sealed one with a last-gasp effort of his own against Wales back in 2009.

But things could have played out a lot differently for Ireland on that famous day in Cardiff had one of O’Gara’s teammates got his hands on the ball. Who might you ask? None other than current Ireland captain Rory Best.

In a snippet from ‘ROG’s Grand Slam’ which airs on Virgin Media this Monday at 6pm, O’Gara says hooker Best has always fancied himself in front of the posts.

“Rory Best was actually half shaping himself for a drop goal!“ O’Gara said of that faithful day in Cardiff

“It’s hilarious really what goes on in rugby isn’t it?”

“But like Rory would practice drop goals in training and he’d fancy his left peg and stuff. Honestly. I’d be close to Rory and I’d know him well. He’s a good guy. A really good guy.”

“He obviously could of caught the ball and I think he tucked it, but his story for the after dinner circuit is that ‘I would have slotted it as well!’”

“But his skillset would have allowed him to!”

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