Robbie Henshaw On The Advice Brian O’Driscoll Has Given Him Ahead Of Lions Tour

Robbie Henshaw has revealed he turned to Lions legend Brian O’Driscoll for advice ahead of this summer’s tour of New Zealand.

The young Ireland and Leinster centre will be taking part in his first Lions tour, while legend O’Driscoll has been on tour with the famous touring side an incredible four times.

Henshaw says he had a chat with O’Driscoll who gave him some sound advice ahead of the tour.

“I had a brief chat with Brian O’Driscoll a few weeks ago, just caught up with him to see how he’s getting on and staying in touch with him a little bit,” Henshaw said.
“It was good to pick his brain a little bit in terms of his experience. I was looking at his past tours, and he’s been on four, which is an incredible amount. He’s good to go to for a few tips and to get his experience on it.
“He said, ‘Step out of your comfort zone, enjoy it and just go out and play, do your best. It’s a massive privilege to be involved in a tour, so don’t let is pass you by’. He said, ‘Just back yourself’.

Henshaw says it’s an unbelievable experience to be involved with the Lions, with his earliest memories involving Keith Wood who toured in 1997 and 2001.

“I remember getting up incredibly early for the last Lions tour of New Zealand, watching those games. The Australia tour, the South Africa tour, I remember them all.
“The earliest memories are probably when Keith Wood was playing, I can’t tell you what age I was. I was pretty young. My uncle (David Henshaw) played with Keith, so I remember pinpointing him on the team and remembering him.
“It is an unbelievable experience, and it’s a privilege to be involved here. When it gets down to it, I am really looking forward to getting on the pitch with the boys and doing what we do best.

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