Richie McCaw Has An Excellent Solution To One Of Rugby’s Biggest Problems

Stop the clock.

Former All Blacks captain Richie McCaw has an excellent idea to help solve an issue that is become increasingly frustrating in rugby – the amount of time that’s wasted during scrums.

Scrums are hugely important in rugby and play a massive role in deciding who comes out on top come 80 minutes but the amount of time they eat up in a game is something that really needs to be looked at.

McCaw did a question and answer session with fans for World Rugby on social media and was asked what rule change the sport’s global governing body could implement to help improve the game.

“One of the things I get a bit frustrated by is the way a scrum can eat up a lot of time in the game,” McCaw said

“If I was going to change something it would be to stop the clock when awarding a scrum and it starts again when the ball comes in. You’d get quite a bit more rugby.”

McCaw also revealed that Dan Carter is the hardest-working player he has ever played alongside.

“The amount of work he used to put in to make sure he was right to play on Saturday meant everyone around him made sure they were doing their little bits. Having his direct things around the field made things pretty easy as a No 7.” McCaw added.

What do you think? Should the clock be stopped during scrums so we see more rugby?

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