RFU Consider Proposal For One Of The Most Radical Changes In Six Nations History

They’re at it again lads.

The RFU is considering proposals for one of the most radical changes in the history of the Six Nations Championship, where England and France would play their first games a week after Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Italy according to a report in The Times this morning.

Since the dawn of the Six Nations in 2000, all six teams have always played over the first weekend. But the RFU is considering a proposal from the clubs that, from 2020, England and France should skip the first round of matches.

What this would mean is the other four nations would play in the opening weekend, all six countries would play in the second weekend and the England v France fixture would stand alone in the third weekend, when there are usually no games.

England’s preferred solution would involve all the nations agreeing to a six-week schedule, something the Celtic teams have reiterated, are not interested due to the attritional nature of the tournament and the size of their squads.

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