Referee Fails To Punish Wallabies Star For Horrific Shoulder To Head On Halfpenny


Consistency. That’s all we’re after. That’s all we want when it comes to rugby’s directives for any tackles that land on the head.

We’re not complaining about the influx of penalties, yellows and red cards. We’re not complaining that the game’s ‘gone soft’ at all. We just want to see a level playing field and as a safe environment for players – across the board.

Whether it is intentional or not, if you make contact with an opponents head you are directly responsible for his well-being. That was made very clear a couple of years ago by World Rugby.

But for some reason – referee Ben O’Keefe didn’t get the memo, after he decided this horror collision between Samuel Kerevi and Leigh Halfpenny didn’t warrant punishment.

His reasoning? It wasn’t deliberate. Come one Ben. It doesn’t have to be deliberate. We’ve been through this. Kerevi is responsible and could have done serious damage to Halfpenny. It was an outrageous decision, and people should be fuming.

 “I was angry because I thought if we wanted to make it clearer and obvious what we do moving forward is that anything shoulder to the head should be a penalty offence or more.” Sam Warburton said after the game.

That’s what we thought too Sam. That’s what we thought too.

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