Rassie Erasmus May Not Be Leaving Munster This Season After All

Rassie Erasmus may still be with Munster into the new year and beyond.

The South African has been slated to leave the province in December, or perhaps even earlier. But with things getting complicated in relation to his successor, Erasmus has promised he will stay even longer if Munster need him to.

The southern province missed out on Dave Wessels, and while they are said to be pursuing Springbok assistant Johann van Graan, South Africa may end up blocking any move for him. Erasmus says he could be still with Munster even after the pool stages of the Champions Cup.

“My two children are currently learning Irish history and every evening they ask me, ‘Are we going to use this Irish history? Do we have to learn it and how long are we still going to be here?’ Erasmus said at yesterday’s Champions Cup launch.
“We really don’t know and we’ve decided to not know because the moment you know you’ll use your eye off the ball here.
“If I’m still here after the pool matches then that’s that, I’m here as long as Munster need me.”

The pool stages of the Champions Cup don’t finish until the end of January and with Erasmus stating he could still be with Munster after that, is he perhaps implying he may stay for the season? Or at least most of it?

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