Rassie Erasmus makes big France accusation ahead of quarter-final clash


South Africa director of rugby Rassie Erasmus has thrown some big accusations at France ahead of their crucial quarter-final clash this weekend.

Erasmus has never been afraid to speak his mind and has certainly stirred the pot ahead of Sunday’s big fixture by accusing the French players of “simulation” on the field.

He reckons the French are “very good” at it and go out of their way to “really show” the referee so that decisions go in their favour.

“I think the French are not playing a reckless game where they are on the edge of being too physical,” he told reporters.

“What they do well is that when they get close to the high hits, they really show that to the referee.

“They do simulate sometimes a little bit which is clever and obviously works. I think they’re very clear at that, very good at that.”

France forwards coach William Servat has dismissed Erasmus’ comments, however, stating he doesn’t “really care” what the South African says ahead of their meeting.

“I don’t think there’s a lot to interpret,” he said.

“Rassie is well-versed in this kind of exercise.

“We know the intensity South Africa brings to a match and they can be very violent. We know how tough they can be.

“I have no interpretation to make of what he said, and I don’t really care about his words. What’s important is to make sure our players are prepared.”

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