Rassie Erasmus Could Be Set To Leave Munster Sooner Than Expected

“If they find a replacement coach tomorrow and say I must go tomorrow, then I will go.”

Rassie Erasmus could be set to leave Munster sooner than expected. The South African is set to leave the southern province in December along with defence coach Jacques Nienaber, but will step aside if a replacement is found sooner.

Erasmus is taking up a role with the South Africa Rugby Union with Nienaber, and could end up leaving before his right-hand man does, or vice-versa.

“The reason for leaving in December and not the end of the season is that the South African season works differently from here. In Europe it’s June to May, in South Africa it’s January to November.
The way the whole conversation went with Garrett [FitzGerald] and David [Nucifora], it was never a case of Jacques and I staying for exactly six or nine months, or whatever.

“The priority is finding the right replacement and if that means us staying until October, November or December, so be it, it’s an open discussion.

“I will coach and do my very best for as long as I am here, but if they find a replacement coach tomorrow and say I must go tomorrow, then I will go.

Depending on appointments we may leave at different times, him before me or vice versa. December at this stage is the ideal goal as we feel it will give everyone enough time to prepare, but that is open for discussion.
“We understand that we are in the middle of a contract and Munster are graciously helping us so anything we can do to facilitate Munster we will do.
“Leaving mid-season can cause some uncertainty, but to a degree there was uncertainty as well last season, ‘who are these guys, where are they coming from, how will they handle it?’.
“The squad went on to have a great season and we went on to bolster the squad in all the positions that we had to.”

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