Quinlan Recalls Brilliant Joke From Foley’s Funeral That Would Have Made Him Smile

John Hayes, Anthony Foley, Alan Quinlan and Martin Cahill 1/2/2003

Alan Quinlan was one of Anthony Foley’s dearest friends.

The pair played with each other for many years with Shannon, Munster and Ireland and made up two thirds of one of the most feared backrow’s in European history during Munster’s glory years.

If there was ever a man who could tell you what made Foley smile, Quinlan is just that. Speaking alongside fellow Munster legend, Mick Galwey, ahead of Munster’s historical game with the Glasgow Warriors, Quinlan recalled a brilliant comment at Foley’s funeral the night before, that would have made the late, great, number 8 smile.


Quinlan recalls how Galwey turned to John Hayes as they were all standing at the graveside and said,

“If you die Hayes, we’re gonna cremate you, because we’re never gonna be able to lift you in the coffin.”

Brilliant from Mick Galwey, no doubt Axel is smiling and laughing up in heaven at that one.

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