PRO14 Season Suspended Following Coronavirus Epidemic


The current Guinness PRO14 season has been suspended in response to the evolving COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak.

“The PRO14 is an international league. Cross border travel is inevitable and that brings with it unique challenges,” a statement read.

“With governments in Italy and Ireland already putting in place clear directives and restrictions around public activities and travel, the decision to suspend the competition is appropriate. It is in the best interests of everyone that games are not played at this time.

“The suspension has been directed by the board of Celtic Rugby DAC and will remain under constant review.”

David Jordan, Tournament Director PRO14 Rugby, said:

“We have made this decision with everyone’s welfare foremost in our minds. With an evolving situation in the five countries that take part in Guinness PRO14 it is important to make a clear decision that is in keeping with the advice of the various governments involved.”

Resumption of the 2019/20 season will now become a matter of constant review. To this point, PRO14 Rugby claims they have ensured that they have the latest information and guidance made available by the local and national authorities via their participating unions in the UK, Ireland, Italy and South Africa.

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