PRO12 Chiefs Could Be Set To Axe Two Teams In Massive Shake-Up

PRO12 chiefs are not happy with Italy.

The PRO12 could be set to axe struggling Italian sides Treviso and Zebre in the biggest shake-up since the two teams were added to the competition back in 2010. Wales and Scotland are said to be in favour of axing both, while Ireland have remained silent due to their Rugby World Cup 2023 bid.

Iain Morrison in The Scotsman, alleges that a senior Pro12 executive wrote a scathing letter to the Italian Federation after the Six Nations in which he accused the Italians of bringing almost nothing of commercial value to the Pro12 table in terms of sponsors, TV deal, fans etc.

An American franchise based in Houston and a Canadian franchise based in Toronto are reportedly set to join the PRO12, with this report suggesting they will replace the Italian teams, as opposed to being added to the league.

Morrison even goes as far as saying that the long-term plan could be to for the USA to replace Italy in the Six Nations for commercial reasons above all else.

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