Police Called On Leicester Tigers After McDonalds Fiasco


Leicester Tigers have found themselves embroiled in a crazy pre-season fiasco after the Italian police were called to a McDonalds outlet following a victory over Benetton Treviso,

Leicester were over in Italy for a pre-season game against Treviso who they brushed aside, 33-10. The game took place on Friday evening and in the early hours of Saturday, August 20, several of the squad visited McDonalds.

The players apparently reacted poorly to being forced to queue for a long time and refused to pay for their food.


Tigers director of rugby, Richard Cockerill refused to name the players involved but said:

“The players involved have been dealt with, it is disappointing for obvious reasons. I would much prefer it not to happen. As the reports say, there was a player who took a cookie from a jar and that was paid for by the time the police arrived.

“It all died down. It was something of nothing but the players involved have been dealt with by myself and that’s the end of the matter. It is private. It was dealt with swiftly and it was not particularly serious otherwise it would have been dealt with by the police.”

Cockerill stressed that player’s need to be more and more careful as they are constantly in the public eye.

“You are a Leicester Tiger 24/7 and you are judged upon how you behave however good or bad that is. It is a lesson learnt for some young people about how those things can escalate. It made us all look a bit silly.” [Telegraph]

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