PIC: This LAD Should Have Check His Phone Before Asking Paul O’Connell For A Selfie


This Irish fan couldn’t believe his luck when he met Paul O’Connell near Canary Wharf in London before the Italian game.

It didn’t take him long to ask the towering second-row for a selfie but realised all too late that his girlfriend had messed with the settings on the device.

The Android phone was set to ‘Beauty Face.’

“The front facing camera hasn’t got much use on my phone except for my selfie obsessed other-half who had turned on “Beauty Face,” Adam said.

“Samsung describes Beauty Face as follows: ‘The Beauty face photo shooting mode captures a portrait and automatically enhances facial features. To turn on Beauty face, with the Camera application open, touch and then touch the Beauty face thumbnail. This mode automatically hides subtle facial imperfections.’

“I was genuinely embarrassed and, panicking, I tried to turn it off but not before Paul O’Connell asks me, “What is “Beauty Face”? Well Paul.. here is the result…”


We think you look lovely Paul.

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