Pic: This Is Hands Down The Most Gruesome Rugby Injury We Have Ever Seen


Warning: extremely graphic content, scroll down at your own peril.

We’ve seen a lot of pretty gruesome injuries over the years, but nothing quite like the shocking injury this player suffered  after he had his leg stomped on during a match.

Ceri Davies’  had to have both sides of his leg sliced open to relieve pressure and prevent internal bleeding after he suffered what is known as Compartment Syndrome. The conditions happens when bleeding or swelling within a group of muscles gets worse and worse before it starts to restrict the bloodflow.

It is most common in the arms or legs and can be caused when pressure increases after a heavy blow.

Davies, an international for Wales’ Deaf rugby team, suffered the injury while playing for Llandovery 2nds in against Carmarthen Druids near Cardiff.

He felt a stamp on the calf in the dying minutes of the match, Wales Online reports.

“I was in a ruck and got stamped on right at the end of the game,” he said.

“I was in an offside position but I was trapped and couldn’t move. They were stamping and stamping.

“I felt some pain in my leg and I limped off to the shower.”

But it wasn’t until much later in the day that he realised he was in serious trouble. Ceri showered and changed but this time the prop forward felt some discomfort in his calf.

“It was when I was in the clubhouse afterwards and I didn’t want any food and I felt pain again, that I knew it was quite nasty,” Ceri continued.

“I went home and saw the bruising and swelling was getting worse. I tried putting my leg up but the bruising kept getting darker so I drove myself to A & E.

“I passed out straight away and they took me straight to surgery.”

Ceri has been at Glangwili Hospital in Carmarthen since Saturday. However, he is being transferred to Morriston Hospital for a skin cast and plastic surgery, as medics try to piece his leg back together.

Ceri is hoping to come out of hospital tomorrow after a second operation.

Check out the gruesome injury below, and don’t say we didn’t warn you about how graphic it is.


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