Pic: Thierry Dusautoir Picked Up A Nasty Gash Against Munster Yesterday

This looks painful.

Toulouse were left bloody and battered in Thomond Park yesterday as Munster cruised into the semi-final stages of this year’s Champions Cup. The once European giants have been struggling in the Top 14 this year and arrived in Limerick lacking in confidence and evidently quality as well as Munster ran in 41 points.

Captain Thierry Dusautoir met with the press following the game and was sporting a nasty gash on his face that required multiple stitches.

The 35 year-old French legend reckons Toulouse’s poor starts in both halves ultimately ended up costing them the tie.

“Well, unfortunately we started in a pretty bad way in the first half and the second half too, and 10 minutes before the end of the game we started to crouch down and the Munster men started to score easy tries, so it makes it a big score at the end of the game.
“But I think we could have done a better game today without these last 10 minutes.”

Dusautoir played against Munster in the 2008 final and said it’s hard to compare the current Munster side to the 08 champions but wished them all the best.

“I couldn’t tell you, it was very different. We are talking about legends at this moment. Here in this place, we are still talking about them [the 2008 team].
“I would hope for the best for the end of the season, maybe they will be able to put their names in the Munster legend.”


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