Pic: Simon Zebo’s Absolutely Brilliant Response To Donald Trump Being Elected


No it wasn’t a dream.

Yes, Donald Trump was yesterday elected to the next President of the United States. It still sounds very strange, but in reality it’s true and there’s nothing more we can do about it. The billionaire business man just about pipped Hillary Clinton to the post in a decision that has shocked the world.

The sporting world has been reacting pretty much how everyone else has been- shocked and in absolute disbelief. What started out as a big joke for most, has actually come through and now Donal Trump is set to hold the most powerful job in the world.


Ireland and Munster winger, Simon Zebo posted a reaction himself yesterday and it’s nothing short of brilliant. You may remember American present Steve Harvey, made a bit of a faux pas last year when he accidentally read out the wrong winner of Miss Universe 2015.

The hilarious mistake sparked hundreds of memes and made the presenter and internet sensation. Zebo managed to bump into him recently, and was hoping it was Harvey who read out the election results too. Brilliant!

I’m hoping it was this hero who announced trump as president 😂😂😬

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