Pic: Billy Vunipola Had To Be Carried Out Of An Irish Nightclub On Saturday Night

Billy Vunipola certainly enjoyed the celebrations on Saturday night.

His England side may have lost to Ireland, but still emerged as Six Nations champions after a gruelling Test match on Saturday evening. It was Vunipola’s first start of the tournament after overcoming a knee injury, but even his return wasn’t enough to thwart the Irish.

Following the loss, the England team arrived at the Russell Court Hotel at around 1am, but it appears Vunipola enjoyed himself a little too much.

The Daily Mail, as reported by the Irish Mirror, spotted Billy Vunipola being carried out of Dicey’s in Dublin at around 4.30am. We can’t help but feel sorry for the poor buggers tasked with carrying the almost 20 stone back-row forward!

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