PIC: Beautiful Moment Captured Between Simon Zebo & A Young Fan Yesterday

We’ll miss you Zeebs.

Simon Zebo played his final inter-pro against Leinster yesterday, and while the Munster star didn’t get the result he would have hoped for, this young fan no doubt put a smile on his face.

Seven-year-old Hanna O’Connell from Kerry is Zebo’s biggest fan and her mother promised here she would take her to see him before he departs to France.

While at the game in Thomond Park yesterday, Hanna called Zebo over as the sides were warming up, with a very special sign made up. Zebo spotted it and came over to give here a big hug and a thank you.

Her mother told us that Hanna is still absolutely over the moon and that it made her “day, week and year.”

A truly heartwarming moment. Zebo is one of the good guys and will be missed in Munster.

I’ll miss you too little rockstar 🌟 🔴🔴

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