Paul O’Connell Gives Fascinating Insight Into The Mindset Of Joe Schmidt


Ireland have never defeated the All Blacks.

That could have changed in 2013 were it not for a last-gasp try by the All Blacks. Paul O’Connell has described that heartbreaking moment in his book and how he and the players expected a right rollicking off Schmidt due to the nature of their loss.

It’s a fascinating insight into the mindset of Joe Schmidt and well worth a read. Check it out below.

“Just as it started, I could sense he was about to go to town on us. The whole meeting was about the try we conceded at the end. So much of what we delivered in those last minutes was not up to the standards that were demanded of us and we demanded of each other.

“Joe was holding us to a very high, exacting level, no matter the scoreline. He was setting the tone for the following week’s training and performance. At the end, just as we felt we’d had the s**t kicked out of us, he said: ‘Lads – fair play! An outstanding result! I was very happy but this try – every single error here is easily fixed. Imagine where we can go to.’ “At the end of the meeting, I was sitting there and thinking: when it comes to coaching, this is the standard.”

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