Paul O’Connell Comments On A Potential Role With Munster Following Retirement


The one positive to come from Paul O’Connell’s retirement is the fact that Munster get to retain his as their own as a one club man.

It’s fitting in a sense considering the role he has played with the Southern Province over the years. The question on a lot of people’s minds however is whether or not O’Connell will now turn to Munster and take up a role with the club now that his French venture is over before it began.

Speaking to Michael Corcoran, O’Connell hinted that he may well end up with Munster in a role, but it may take a few years for that to happen.

“I have a great affinity with Munster and the coaches there – Anthony Foley, Brian Walsh and Jerry Flannery. It’s tough times for them but they are getting their Masters’ degree as coaches.

“It’s a tough experience for them but I’m sure it’s making them far better. If you want to be good at anything you have to learn the ropes first.

“For me, it would be serving an apprenticeship for the next few months or years. If I ever end up doing something with Munster it would be a few years down the line.”

For now O’Connell will enjoy his retirement, do a little TV work, look after his business interests and get to work on his new book.

“I’m doing a book at the moment and I work with a few companies – Pinergy have been great for me in the last few years, looking over the fence to see how the real world works.

“I am involved in a few initiatives around Limerick too and I will probably play a bigger part in those.”

He will however possibly get back into rugby if a good offer comes calling, so don’t rule out a job with Munster just yet,

“I will have a look at coaching as well, it is something that interests me. Some days it really interests me and others it is the last thing I want to do.

“If you have a young family it’s a difficult job to do but certain roles in rugby interest me. You can’t be part of something so long and not want to be part of it.

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