Paul Kimmage With Absolutely Nonsense Suggestion Regarding IRFU & Grobler

Give it a rest Paul.

The Gerbrandt Grobler situation has turned into a bit of a hot mess for both Munster and the IRFU. Having signed him in the summer, they probably thought nothing would come of his past, with the story initialling not being picked up.

But now with the South African lock back fit and in line to make his senior debut in the coming weeks, questions are being asked from all angles, with the IRFU getting the brunt of it yesterday.

IRFU CEO Phillip Brown spoke to the media regarding their stance on the situation, with the Irish Rugby boss confirming they were aware of Grobler’s past doping problems when they signed him.

“The situation with Grobler is that there was knowledge of his background, the IRFU and Munster operate together in terms of bringing in overseas players.” Brown said.

“With Grobler, he was a young man in a very different rugby environment. He made a poor decision, and he has been punished for that poor decision. Having said that, everyone deserves a chance.”

“Can any of you look yourselves in the mirror and say you’ve never made a poor decision in your life? Probably not. We’re all guilty of making poor decisions.”

He went on to say that they would be more considerate if they found themselves in a similar situation again.

“I think, with TwentyTwenty vision, when you look at it, would we consider how we deal with a similar situation in the future? The answer is probably yes.”

One man who’s been on a personal crusade against Grobler is Paul Kimmage, who made the daft suggestion yesterday that Browne should perhaps considering resigning over his handling of the situation.

“If it is not a resigning matter then what does it say about their anti-doping policy?

How seriously am I to take to take their promotional ads? I’ll give you an example of one, the famous Aldi one where the kid is reciting the great Paul O’Connell speech and he arrives at the dressing room and Paul takes the ball off him and says ‘I’ll take it from here, kid’.

The message there is clear. You send us your kids and we will take care of them. A key part of that is that we are not going to send them out against behemoths who are juiced to the gills. We are going to do our best to protect your kid in a clean sport and in a safe way and that is why we are asking you to send us your kids.

If you can’t do that, and a fundamental part of that is an anti-doping policy, if you can’t guarantee parents that you won’t be sending out kids against juicers and people playing the game at a weight far heavier than they should be if they are clean, then I’m sorry, but that is a resigning matter for me.”

Absolute nonsense. Of course the issue had to be raised and yes the IRFU needs to take a long look at their policy and decide if they are going to be stricter in future when it comes to bringing in players with a doping history. But to suggest Browne should hand in his notice is ridiculous.

First a manhunt on Grobler. Now Browne? Give me a break.

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