Paddy Jackson’s Barrister Suggests Alleged Rape Victim ‘Ran With A Lie’

Week two.

The barrister representing Paddy Jackson has today suggested the young woman, who alleges both Jackson and his Ulster teammate Stuart Olding raped her, “ran with a lie”to deflect attention that she engaged in group sex, The reports.

The woman continued to give give evidence at Belfast Crown Court, and still maintains she was raped by the Irish international duo in Jackson’s home in June 2016.

It emerged earlier in the trial that a girl who was also at the party, walked into the bedroom during the early hours. The alleged victim claims this was “secondary” as she had already been raped, but admitted she was worried the girl may have taken a photo.

Jackson’s representative Brendan Kelly QC continued to cross-examine the alleges victim today, and asked here about text she sent to friends just hours after the alleged incident.



It was put to here that:

“in an intoxicated and excited state … you that night engaged of your own choice in sexual activity,” Mr. Kelly said.

The woman however, rejected those claims.

“I completely reject that”

“Mr Kelly, I was raped. I don’t think I can make myself more clear.”

Mr. Kelly suggested that she may have been under the impression that the girl who entered the room “witnessed group sex” which she might have used to post on social media.

 “You were petrified that either the rumour or the proof this sexual activity would find its way to your friends, and that’s what drove you on as far as running with this lie, is it not?” Mr. Kelly said

Rejecting this, the woman said:

“No, this is not a lie, Mr Kelly,”

The woman was also asked about texts she sent to friends on the morning and afternoon of 28 June 2016. She ended a text she sent her friend telling her she had been raped, with three upside-down smiling emoji faces. When she was asked about these emojis, she said it signified mixed emotions.

Both Jackson and Olding deny all charges being brought against them.


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