Owen Farrell Somehow Gets Away With Another Outrageous Illegal Tackle

Jason Hennessy

Jason Hennessy

Jason is the editor here at RugbyLAD and a proud Limerick man.
Jason Hennessy


Owen Farrell’s tackle technique has been questioned many times over the years but it appears the England captain still hasn’t learned his lesson – probably because he keeps getting away with it.

Farrell made his Championship debut last weekend as Saracens made light work of Doncaster Knights with a 50-15 win and played a key role. But it’s his tackle technique that is once again under the spotlight.

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Former England outhalf posted the clip of Farrell who clearly comes in very high and with force on a Doncaster player as he clears his lines.

But somehow Farrell escaped a card on the day and was not cited. Have a look for yourself below. Crazy.