Online Gambling Operators Sponsoring Rugby Teams

The phenomenon has been well-reported in the football press, but online casinos, bookmakers and gaming companies are continuing to sponsor rugby teams in increasing numbers. The forms of these sponsorship agreements may differ – from visible shirt sponsorships to becoming official betting partners – but it is a growing trend that is being seen in the game of rugby as much as in other sports, particularly football.

Several high-profile gambling firms, including the top casinos listed by CasinoBillions Ireland, have dabbled with rugby sponsorship in the past. In one report from 2018, it was noted that more than 60% of clubs in England’s top two professional divisions were sponsored by gaming operators in one form or another. And that is a trend that is only increasing.

Why casinos sponsor rugby teams

Rugby is a popular option for casinos and other gaming operators because of the increasing global reach of the sport. Rugby already has an established audience, particularly among the target market of gaming operators – young men – but the global appeal of the sport is growing beyond the traditional strongholds of Britain, Ireland, France, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. The rise of Japanese rugby in recent years, as well as the establishment of the Major League Rugby in North America, means that there are even more possibilities for shrewd sponsors to grow their brand.

Casinos expanding brand appeal with rugby sponsorship

Targeting rugby makes smart sense for gaming companies and online casinos to build upon their brand awareness. With rugby increasingly televised, and the number of notable events growing, the sport has also seen expanding commercial revenues in the likes of Japan, which hosted the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

And with rugby increasingly moving to the digital market – in Japan, over 1.7 billion digital video views were recorded through the duration of the 2019 World Cup – that is another way in which casinos can piggyback on the sport’s growing appeal and build upon their existing commercial and brand bases.

Football has already provided the blueprint for 1 euro deposit casino and gaming companies to generate lucrative sponsorships with a sport, and rugby is just another logical step for these companies to make. It seems these partnerships are here to stay and will prove mutually beneficial.

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