Northampton Could Be In Trouble Over Controversial George North Incident


George North’s return to the field just six minutes after appearing to be knocked unconscious is to be scrutinised in an independent review.

Northampton Saints have since issued a statement in response to criticism over North being allowed to return to play after being apparently knocked out in last night’s game with Leicester Tigers.

North was left lying motionless on the ground after a mid-air collision with Adam Thompstone. The Leicester player was handed a yellow card over the challenge, but it’s the winger’s swift return that shocked fans.


North has a history of head related injuries.

“Every head injury incident that occurs in Aviva Premiership Rugby is assessed by an independent reviewer as part of our procedure to manage concussion,” a Premiership Rugby spokesman told WalesOnline.

“This is a world-leading system of assessment to ensure we take a comprehensive look at every incident which involves a potential head injury.

“Player welfare is our No 1 priority so all incidents in our 135 matches are reviewed thoroughly.”

North has already suffered a series of concussions in the last two years, with many fearing that that any more could result in his early retirement from the sport for the young Wales and Lions star.

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