Nigel Owens Was The Talk Of Irish Television Last Night


World Rugby referee Nigel Owens made an appearance on the Tommy Tiernan Show last night and he is the talk of Ireland after his inspirational words. The Welshman is the first openly gay referee in rugby and paid huge respect to the sport for allowing him be who he is today.

Owens has spoken in the past about his hardships growing up, and the depression he suffered. It took him a long time to come out openly, and since then he’s been on a crusade to make sure this doesn’t happen to other young people growing up.

“The wonderful sport of rugby union, the Welsh Rugby Union, and World Rugby and everybody involved in the sport had allowed me to be who I am.”

“Because it doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t matter what country you come from, what the colour of your skin is, your sexual orientation or your religious beliefs. None of those should matter one bit.”

“All that should matter is if you are a decent human being, you are to be treated the same.”

“And I emphasise the same, no better, and no worse – just the same as everybody else. Not only in sport as in my case, but in society and every day life.”

“If there’s one thing that today society lacks, it’s respect. And rugby upholds the tradition of respect, in my humble opinion better than any other sport in the world, and rugby has allowed me to be who I am today.”

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