Nigel Owens Responds To Luke Fitzgerald Saying There’s No Room For His Behaviour In Rugby

Nigel Owens has responded to Luke Fitzgerald saying there’s no room for his behaviour in rugby.

The former Leinster centre was asked about Owens and his ‘one liners and putdowns’ after the Welshman shared a hilarious moment with Billy Holland on Saturday during Minster’s win over Glasgow.

Fitzgerald however called on Owens to to stop using one-liners and putdowns while officiating games.

“The first job of the referee is to almost be anonymous and that’s the first duty for him. He is taken seriously, he’s a brilliant referee, no doubt about that.
“I just think those kind of things are disappointing and it’s disrespectful to the players who are putting in a huge amount of effort.
“There’s no place for it in the game. You can’t actually speak back. It’s almost like a situation where someone is on a podium having a go at someone in the crowd. It’s wrong because there’s no platform to come back.”

Owens has now responded to Fitzgerald’s comments that haven’t been well received online.

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