Nigel Owens Recalls Hilarious Confrontation He Had With A Fan While At A Game

This is probably the best Nigel Owens story we’ve heard yet.

Nigel Owens has been doing a lot of media work recently to talk about homophobia in sport and how to tackle it.

The Welshman, who is one of the most high-profile openly gay men in sport, was recently on James O’Brien’s LBC show discuss the matter and in typical fashion, had an excellent story to recall that had us in stitches.

Owens was attending a Scarlets game as a spectator and was stood in the terrace. Obviously being such a high-profile referee he didn’t want to be recognised, so disguised himself by wearing a hoody.

A penalty is given to the away team and all of a sudden someone in the crowd goes, “Aww here we go another bent referee again.” Owens explains the fan meant ‘bent’ as in a one-sided referee and not a homophobic slur.

Then after the fan had shouted that, someone sitting a couple of seats on in front of Owens shouts out:

“Oh no, that’s Nigel Owens… he’s not reffing tonight.”

Owens however, reveals he knew the fan was joking by the way he said it and didn’t mean it in a derogatory way. The fans then start to realise that Owens is in the crowd and of course the man who shouted about Owens is mortified and comes up to offer an apology to the referee.

Owens of course accepted the apology as he says he found it quite funny himself. He did however come back with a brilliant response, letting the fan know:

“And by the way… I may be bent off the field, but I’m certainly not bent on it!”

The two shook hands after the game, but Owens of course let the fan know- next time be careful what you say, because you never know who could be in the crowd and you could end up hurting someone who is struggling with their sexuality.

You can listen to Owens tell the brilliant story himself here.

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