Nigel Owens & Luke Fitzgerald Trade Tweets Over Comments As Fans Defend Welshman

Luke Fitzgerald upset a lot of people yesterday with his comments about referee Nigel Owens.

Owens was back in the spotlight this weekend with another one of his brilliant one-liners in the Munster vs Glasgow game. Owens told the southern province it was a poor decision throwing a bad pass with no pressure, when they had the advantage.

Captain Billy Holland saw the funny side of it, and laughed it off saying ‘cheers coach’ to Owens. It was all in good fun with Owens performance on the night particularly good, in what what a highly charged game.

Fitzgerald was asked about Owens’ latest one-liner on The Left Wing yesterday, and said it’s time Owens focused on his job and cut his antics out of the game.

I’d rather he just refereed the game well. The first job of the referee is to almost be anonymous and that’s the first duty for him. He is taken seriously, he’s a brilliant referee, no doubt about that.
I just think those kind of things are disappointing and it’s disrespectful to the players who are putting in a huge amount of effort.
There’s no place for it in the game. You can’t actually speak back. It’s almost like a situation where someone is on a podium having a go at someone in the crowd. It’s wrong because there’s no platform to come back.

Owens took to Twitter later in the day to clarify his comments with Fitzgerald, with the two ending up engaging in a bit of back and forth, with a fan joining in to voice his displeasure at players mouthing at the referee.

Owens reminded Fitzgerald he was no stranger to having a chat with the ref on the field. Fitzgerald didn’t take too kindly to it.

Another fan then decided to chime in, clearly missing the point after Owens explained himself.

In the end it seems the rugby world is behind Owens- and rightfully so.

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