Nick Williams Reduced To Tears As Cardiff Surprise Him With Amazing Christmas Gift

What a moment.

Cardiff Blues number eight Nick Williams was given the most amazing Christmas gift ever by the Welsh club this week when they surprised him with a visit from his mother Aolele who hasn’t seen him play in over a decade.

Williams left New Zealand back in 2008 to sign for Munster before going on to feature for Ulster and now Cardiff and his mother has never come to this part of the world to see her son play until now.

Cardiff Blues head coach John Mulvihill started by paying tribute to Williams and saying they had arranged a video message from his mum for the festive season. Williams was already in tears when he asked him to come up a receive a special gift.

Williams then saw his mum and the tears really began to flow from both him and Aolele as they embraced.

Mulvihill said afterwards it was a truly special moment.

“It was fantastic. It was a really, really touching moment and it’s something the boys in that room will remember forever.

“I had to keep it together at the front. There were a lot of boys with heads down and shirts over their faces. But that’s good, that’s what we are about.

“That’s the importance of family within our group. Nick is someone who is the cultural, spiritual leader for us on and off the field.”

Such a powerful moment.

Nick Williams’ Christmas surprise from Cardiff Blues on Vimeo.

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