New Zealand Media Blast Ireland Dubbing Them The New ‘England’ Of Rugby


The new whingers of rugby.

Ireland have been dubbed the new ‘England’ of rugby by New Zealand, with their media dubbing them as ‘whingers’ in the wake of last Saturday’s defeat. Much has been said of the All Blacks indiscipline in the game with many believing that they took it too far, with a number of dangerous high challenges.

Writing for, journalist Duncan Johnstone has been extremely critical of Ireland’s reaction to the defeat.


He wrote:

“Sadly, it seems the Irish are the new whingers of World Rugby.

“It’s a term we Kiwis have traditionally reserved for the English, the “whinging Poms” of the game.

“But the outpouring of Irish outrage against the All Blacks following their 21-9 win in Dublin last weekend has been the equal of anything that has emerged from Fleet Street on previous tours.

“The Irish media have been relentless – and ridiculous.

“I’ve long admired the Irish attitude – Brian O’Driscoll aside at times, of course – and their open admiration for the All Blacks.

“They have continually played an adventurous game compared to most of their northern counterparts and generally approached things with an easy-going attitude that befits the country’s friendly reputation.

“But that seems to have changed since they beat the All Blacks in Chicago, ending 111 years of misery against New Zealand.

“Suddenly they are “mightier than thou”. But if you’ve beaten the best and want to be the best, then start acting like the best.”

What do you think? Have the Irish media taken it too far or was it justified?

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