Nemani Nadolo Absolutely Loses It With Disgusting Racist Supporter


Nemani Nadolo is one of the most devastating and talented wingers in world rugby today. At 6ft 4in and over 135kg, he’s an absolute human wrecking ball, reminiscent of the late, great Jonah Lomu.

Not only that, but he’s a genuine nice guy, and and all-round top human being. But unfortunately for the Fijian he managed to bump into a supporter recently who can only be described as “scum.”

While out with his family, who flew to France to visit him, Nadolo was racially abused by a supporter who said to him “not bad for a monkey to win the game for MHR in Clermont”, referring to Nadolo’s last minute try to win the game for Montpellier last weekend.

To hear this kind of abuse in this day and age is quite simply disgusting, and disappointing to be honest. Some people are simply gutless, and for a sport that prides itself on respect and inclusion, it pains us to call him a rugby supporter.

Nadolo says racism in rugby is “still the same”, perhaps suggesting this isn’t the first time the Fijian has suffered from it. What amazes us more than anything though, is Nadolo’s patience.

That disgusting racist should be thanking the stars that Nadolo is a gentle giant, and was able to rise above him. Otherwise he’d probably be eating through a straw right now, and probably deserves to be.

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