Muster Rugby May Be Forced To Sell Thomond Park Naming Rights


Munster Rugby have revealed that selling the naming rights to Thomond Park may become a reality.

Munster have apparently already begun the process of selling the naming rights of the historic stadium. Munster CEO, Garrett Fitzgerald has been quoted as saying consultants have already been employed to handle the sale.

The issue of naming rights of Thomond Park is still very much on the agenda. I think something like that will always be an emotive issue.

The reality of it is that it is what is happening in every business in professional sport. You see it all over the place. We have employed and signed with a consultant to promote that in 2016.

Munster had previously looked into the possibility of selling the naming rights, but ultimately chose not to do so.

Given that Munster stood to earn up to €750,000 per annum from the sale of the rights at the height of the boom, some Munster fans will no doubt come to regret that decision.

The value of the naming rights stands at a mere €350,000 per annum today.

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